Hopp til innhold


...it's starting to look like something (I hope...).

In the plot are the two beryllium-peaks that I have used for the calibration - the first one is supposed to be at an energy equal to 3.368 mega electronvolts (of energy), and is now placed at 3.399 mega electronvolts, and the other one is supposed to be at 5.96 mega electronvolts, but is at 5.97:

The error is less than 1%, so it's not too bad - but I have to see what Sunniva has to say tomorrow...hope she approves 😉
Anyway; I can "tick off" my main goal for today - to get the gamma detectors calibrated. There are probably adjustments that have to be made - for example, there's something strange with the low energy gammas, since I suddenly don't get anything from oxygen-17 anymore - but this is the best I can do today. 
Now it's time to get home, and prepare for tomorrows talk about nuclear power and radiation and thorium. 9 AM in the biology building - open to everyone (and there's free breakfast 😉 )!

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