Hopp til innhold


...in several ways...

Finished with the calibration of the gamma detectors (happyhappyhappy 🙂 ), but now I'm also "finished" mentally :/
Started this day by oversleeping (not the best start of a looong day), then I gave a talk about nuclear power and radiation at the biology department, and after that I've been working at Gry's office (she helps me A LOT <3) and my own office.
me, ready (sort of) for talking to the biology students - wearing one of my favourite dresses from HM, and of course heels  
After spending a couple of hours fine tuning my gamma detector calibration, I made this plot - showing gamma radiation from oxygen and beryllium. It looks like the peeks are only 20-30 kilo electronvolts "off", and I think that's ok (I'll ask someone with much more experience than me tomorrof, of course!).

So now I've started to look at time correction stuff - having "fun" with staring at these different graphs. If they look the same, I can tell you they're not, but it's definitely not easy to see which one is "best". At least not for me...
After a good night's sleep it will probably be clearer when I can discuss this with someone (Supervisor Sunniva? 😉 )  tomorrow - meaning; I've been at the University for 12 hours, and now it's time to go home <3

3 kommentarer til “Finished…!

  1. Gaute

    Har du litt for høy gain på PM tuben din? Tips: akumuler spektrumet så synes toppene bedre, kanskje O17 er der litt kamuflert 🙂

  2. Gaute

    Du kan jo være litt krativ. Ta med røykvarsleren din (hvis den er av ionisk type) Am241 med klar gamma topp på 59.5 KeV. Da har du i hvertfall ett holdepungt tidlig i spektrumet. Husk å finne noe for å blokere eventuell beta stråling som kan maskere spektrumet.

    Er det å jukse? 🙂


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