Hopp til innhold

No filter…

As I've already told you, Anders has left for Asia, and is staying there for a whole month (if they work hard on their blog, maybe they'll even manage to rotate the pictures 90 degrees...:P).

I really want him to have fun, but I still think it's almost horrible not to see him for so long :/ So far, I feel very silly since I start to cry (or almost cry) everytime I hear anything from him...:P Like when he sent me all of these pictures yesterday - maybe I should take this as a sign that he is thinking of me (and missing me?) too? 😉
Anyway, this is really #nofilter 😀 
Right now I'm enjoying a glass of Chardonnay and a "Serrano and Mozarella platter" at Brussels airport - I'm staying here for four more hours, so chances are quite big that there will be another glass of wine. It was, as you understand, a very short visit to Spain (unfortunately), but I think I really want to go back to Toledo (one hour from Madrid). The wedding last night was fantastic, and as promised I'll make an outfit post and also show pictures from last nigh later - probably tomorrow <3

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