Hopp til innhold

Not as planned

I really hate being away from my blog for as much as I've been have lately :/ The thing is that sometimes plans change, and time for stuff like blogging goes towards zero - which has been the case the last weeks (especially the last 10 days or so).
Last week, for example, we spent two days at Brønnøya, with Charlotte, Anders (Charlotte's husband, not my boyfriend), and their daughter Kristiane. That may seem like an odd choice when I'm "complaining" about there being so much stuff to do (with Berkeley coming up in August), but those 48 relaxing hours were more or less my entire summer vacation with both Alexandra and Anders (my boyfriend, not Charlotte's husband 😉 ) so when Charlottes asked if we wanted to go, it really was an easy choice after all <3
Then there's been two non-planned days at home with Alexandra (which I of course love, but then there is less time for working, and then no time for blogging), and yesterday she went off to her father for summer vacation the next 2.5 weeks... Yesterday was also the day when Anders went to Asia for the next month - I should be honest and say that I did shed some tears.
Now I'm off for something that is planned: my fantastic colleague Lucia's wedding in Spain <3
Right now I'm waiting to board my flight for Frankfurt, and then I'm going from there to Madrid. I'll spend the night at an airport hotel in Madrid, and then, tomorrow I'll go from Madrid to Toledo, where we'll celebrate Lucia and David.
I'll keep you posted with wedding outfit and other stuff (at least I'll try my best 😛 ), but now I have to run to get me an extra dose of cosmic radiation *yeay*.

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