Hopp til innhold

No place like HOME

...or, the  University, as I also like to call it 😉 
Yes, it's actually true, the University really is like a home (or at least my second home) to me - and after one week in Berkeley, one week when Alexandra was sick with chickenpox and couldn't go to kindergarden, and one day in Stavanger, it feel fantastic to be back on track in Oslo! It's so awesome to see my (second) home full of new, and old, students again, and I feel so privileged to have a job that I can call home. Love it <3 <3 <3
So I'm just back in my (messy) office, and back with my beloved uranium (pep talk with supervisor tomorrow morning). I should really write more about what I'm working on right now - only problem is that it takes time...and I also want to share some of what I said in my speech at the University in Stavanger on Monday (very honored to be the mains speaker at the opening this year!) - maybe I have to do that tomorrow?
Anyway, it's soon bedtime here - I have to be much better at getting enough sleep, and to get up early in the mornings, which means going to bed early 😉
Here are some snap shots from the Stavanger trip 🙂
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Stavanger speech outfit 
leaving beautiful Stavanger

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