Hopp til innhold

OMG – it's real!?!

Last friday (a little bit more than one week ago) Theres successfully defended her PhD thesis 🙂

Two weeks before that she got the theme and title of her trial lecture - which is standard procedure; 14 days before the PhD defence you get a title for a trial lecture, that you are supposed to give on the morning of the day of your thesis defence. If you don't get this trial lecture approved, then you don't get to actually defend your thesis either - so it's kind of a big deal... 
Therese's title was "Nuclear uncertainties in the direct detection of dark matter" (or something like that).
This may seem a little funny or strange, but from that Friday when she got her trial lecture title it suddenly hit me, right in the stomach, that this is actually real: It's exactly 10 months to the date I'm planning to finish my thesis today and it doesn't feel all good. There is so much to do I almost feel a little dizzy - where do I start?
I think have to step up this game if I'm going to have any kind of chance of finishing my thesis by the end of 2016...

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