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Research plan of the week

Hello everyone, and hello Monday!
It's been a while since I shared my study/research plan of the week with you guys, but I was thinking maybe it's a good time to start again. As I was sort of saying yesterday, I'm starting to get nervous about finishing the PhD, feeling a little like I'm drowning in a hole, and I almost get dizzy from trying to just start somewhere... To solve this, I have to do (at least) two things, I believe: 

1) Plan my week (this will help me set goals, and check if I actually achieve them)
2) Get up early, and start working at the office early - every day(!)

I know "early" is sort of a relative term, but in academia, where almost nothing starts before 10:15, I think before 9 is early.
So this is what my (research) plan of the week looks like - there's a lot of focus on writing article number 2 now, as you can see 😉 Hopefully I can soon put this article a little bit behind me, and focus on newer stuff...
Goals: Be at the office before nine every day, and spend 20 hours on writing on that (stupid) second article. I don't know exactly where that will take me, but if I just manage to fulfill this writing goal, I will know by the end of this week, and hopefully then I can "see the light" again.
Anyone want to join me? Maybe we could do a sort of let's motivate each other kind of thing? I mean, I can't be the only one struggling with writing articles/PhD thesis/doing my research/preparing for an exam/Master thesis or whatever... Maybe we could even do a hashtag or something? I'm not exactly sure of what it could be yet, but I'm thinking 🙂
Anyway, wish you all a great start at the new week, and good luck with all your goals! The first thing I'm going to do now is to read through and then send off my current draft of article2 to Sunniva Supervisor - then I can already put the first "check" on my plan 😉
PS: I was at my office at 08:20 this morning - great start for me, so far...

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  1. Caroline R

    Hey! I'm writing on my Master thesis right now and would like to join you on the get up early-challenge, so count me in 🙂 Actually I found your blog because an informant from my theis said I should check out the Ludvigsen-utvalget project. That seems like a pretty cool project (and also something we are in need of)! Hope you got up early today as well 🙂


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