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I need your help – Join my team!

As I mentioned yesterday I would like to do a sort of let's motivate each other thing, where we could share pictures on Instagram (I'm @sunnivarose) or Snap (I'm sunnivarose) or Twitter (@sunnivarose here too) - anything to cheer each other up, and to be proud of our selves. Can we use social media to cheer each other up? I think we can, and it would be so much fun:
  • If you're early at the office (or wherever you're working or studying), well the tell us 🙂
  • If you've made your self a fresh cup of coffee before you're starting repeating for your exam, then tell us 🙂
  • If you feel like you're stupid, since "everyone else" understand this except you (which of course isn't true anyway, but whatever), but you're not giving up, tell us
  • If you're having a 12 hour day at the university (or office or wherever), share it!
  • If you just learnt something new, be proud and shout out 🙂
  • If you finished something, or started something, let us know!

To do this, we need a tag, and since I want you on my motivation team, the tag is #teamsunnivarose - join my team, I need your help!
Here are a couple of snaps that I've made during this day and yesterday:
A little update on my plan this week so far:

Yesterday I was all up to date, and I was early at the office - as planned 😀
Today hasn't exactly been the same success: I did manage to be early at the office, but I was also supposed to write for three hours (only done 1), work on the Strength Function part of the uranium analysis (maybe even finish it), plot a lot of stuff, and discuss with Sunniva Supervisor (who is in CERN - which I didn't know when I made the plan yesterday, so that one isn't on me). Then this day just took a totally different turn, and I have almost done nothing...however, it's only Tuesday, and I'm quite confident I'll manage to get through my plan of the week by the end of the week - maybe this is where we can help each other...?
When it come to my writing goal this week, I'm certainly not giving up: I WILL DO 20 HOURS! Tomorrow I'm going on a writing seminar that lasts to Friday, so that's why I'm so positive 🙂 But before that I'm going on "Tidenes morgen" on P13, to talk about fusion...so now it's dinner with Anders, and the some nuclear fusion reading <3
Have a beautiful evening, and GO TEAM!

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