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Looking back. Part 1

I started 2015 with a hope that that year wouldn't be so much of a roller coater ride as 2014 was - and luckily, it wasn't <3
In 2015 I've spent more time on my research in a long time, and it has felt really good. And on Saturday I was out, celebrating maybe the best and "biggest" thing of 2015 - my one year anniversary with Anders <3 We even made some "new year's resolutions":

1. go more to bars (a nice cocktail is, well, very nice)

one of my favourite places in Oslo for cocktails: Étoile

2. go more to the theatre
3. go more (once a month?) to the movies
4. go more out to dinner

(5. spend less on everyday "stupid" stuff, like buy lunch instead of making it yourself, buy coffee instead of making it yourself, buy take-away instead of making it yourself - I rather want to spend the money on point 1-4 😉 )

So I've been looking back at 2015 - a very good year - and here are some of the highlights from the first 6 months:

What can I say? 2015 started with me getting the best boyfriend...

I wrote about heavy water, since I was inspired by the fantastic series at NRK ("Kampen om tungtvannet"). 

I thought about which scientific paper I like more - Chadwick's paper about the neutron, or Einstein's paper about E=mc2.


Alexandra turned 5! And I was excited. I was also super excited since Sushi and Nuclear got nominated to American Documentary Film Festival 2015 😀

#phdlife was important.
I went to Paris for the first experiment of 2015, and I had to admit I'd made an embarrassing mistake on the radio...(I guess we all make mistakes from time to time, right?)


We started filming Big Bang.

I gave several talks about thorium...

We celebrated pie day - of course 😛
I went on my first vacation with anders, to Barcelona, and missed the solar eclipse. Totally worth it, though <3
While we were in Barcelona, both Sushi and Nuclear and Big Bang premiered!
I did science, and asked (myself and others) "silly" questions.
It was finally spring, and the university was beautiful!
We went on a trip to the forest - around Sognsvann, with Lise and Joackim 🙂 This was a preparation to see if we thought Alexandra would manage a "real" trip into the forest, where would spend the night and everything... It was a great day, and we concluded she was ready.

scienced some more, and finally I was starting to figure things out 😀
Then I started to get some actual real results, and it was 17th of May and sunny and hot, and a happy time:

We (the nuclear physics group) arranged a workshop in Oslo, where I talked about my preliminary results, and I gave a talk to the INSEAD Alumni group about thorium and nuclear power - and I met some very interesting people.

Hope you enjoyed this little throwback on my first 6 months of a very good year - I can only hope (I do!) that 2016 will be just as good.
Part 2 of looking back will come soon 😉

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