Hopp til innhold

Finish it!

I need to start finishing stuff, or, really "finishing" - meaning, I need to work hard on one thing at a time, and then send it off, instead of just saying to myself oh no it's not good enough yet, I need to work just a little bit more, and then a liiiitle bit more, and the even a liiiiitle little bit more. If I continue like that I will never be able to make this phd. Therefore, my new mantra is Finish It!

And here's my "finish it-plan" for the next three weeks: 

Tomorrow I'm "finishing" the draft of the uranium-234 article, next week I WILL make stuff for Cecilie (that I should have done several months ago), after that I'll analyse fission of uranium-233 and make figures and send it all off to supervisor-Jon, and after that I'll make some kind of outline for one of the most important chapters in the actual thesis - "the bridge" (and by the end of the week I'll send it to supervisor-Sunniva).

Since I'm "finishing" the uranium-234 article tomorrow, I spent much of today on the webpages of the journal where we're planning to submit it, and when I left the office this afternoon it was really starting to look like the real thing (it's amazing how much getting stuff in the right style can do 😉 ).
I also read the guidelines for people who are planning to submit manuscripts, and I had to smile about this (highlighting done by me 😀 ):

LanguageIf your native language is not English, please consider enlisting the help of an English-speaking colleague in preparing the text.
Use a spell checker. (Referees are not favorably impressed by careless mistakes.)

Luckily, I have a native English speaking supervisor/co-author, so I think he'll make sure there are no careless mistakes in the final manuscript - we don't want to p*** off the referees 😛

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