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I had to take two (long) coffee breaks on the stairs of the physics building today - just to feel the sun <3
Luckily I'm giving a talk in an hour, so I actually HAD to do something today (prepare for the talk, of course). Otherwise, I'm not sure if I'd been able to do anything at all today 😛
I've been thinking about that, whether spring and sunny weather is best for productivity, or cold, dark weather: If it's sunny and beautiful, like today, I just want to be outside (and I spent more time out in the sun than I probably should have today), but if it's cold and dark and wet, I don't want to leave bed. Tough choice, productivity wise, but I think the nice spring weather we're experiencing today makes me so happy that even though I spend less time in the office, I'm more effective when I'm actually working, so that spring is best for productivity. 
What do you think?

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  1. Anonym

    Spring is god for productivity, but actually autom is the best time, as one, nomaly, has some of the energi from the summer left. Summer is the absolutly worst time for academic work, whil winter migt by good for some. But often the spring is so sunny that it shold be plenty off time both to study and to enjoy the sun 🙂 ☀☀☀


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