Hopp til innhold


We just git back to work after the Easter holiday, but next week we're actually going on vacation again... On Sunday morning we're off to Tenerife, to see the sun and feel some warmth, but if I'm going to have a chance to relax (I realised last week that the Easter holiday and this vacation was only one week apart, and I'm not exactly feeling great about it - especially regarding yesterdays post about the panic phase of the PhD work) I need to finish some stuff here at work. My goals before Saturday therefore are:
  1. Finish my article draft and send it off to Supervisor Jon; so that we can discuss it when I come back again (and hopefully also he won't think I'm stupid and lazy)
  2. Finish the curve fitting of my analysis: these results are important in the article I'm starting to finish, and they will be used for further analysis - see goal 3.
  3. Use the curve fitting results from goal 2. to calculate** stuff (this will go into another article <3)
  4. Refresh my memory of the fission gamma ray part of the uranium experiment, and reply to an e-mail about this. (If I'm really good, I'll also make some drafts of some figures from this analysis, that will go into a third article 😀 ) 
And I only have today and tomorrow to do it. I've therefore "locked" my self into the University Library, where I can work without being interrupted - my problem is that I'm too social; I love <3 to chat and have coffee breaks and all that, but sometimes it's just better to be anti social in the library 😉
Hope you all have a great day!
always helps to write the article draft in the style of the journal you want to publish it in - all the sudden it almost feels real 😛
**For the extremely interested reader, we're using results from our experiments here at our lab in Oslo to calculate so-called cross-sections: The cross-section is sort of the probability of a nucleus to behave in a certain way when it's bombarded with a certain type of particle, with a certain energy. In my case the nucleus is uranium-233 (one of the most important nuclei in thorium based nuclear fuels), the particle it's being bombarded with is a neutron (it could be protons, or gammas, or alpha particles, or whatever), and I want to know more about the probability that the uranium nucleus will absorb this neutron.

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