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Grandmothers of Chernobyl

On Tuesday it's 30 years since the tragic accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, and I see all kinds of articles and films and talks about the accident popping up on Facebook (and basically all over the internet) these days. Not so strange, really.
A friend of mine posted this video of "The Moonshine Grandmothers of Chernobyl", about old women living inside the exclusion zone in Chernobyl, that I really think you should watch 🙂 (Click on the link just below the picture.)

It's soon time for bed here in Rose-castle - we have a busy week in front of us, where I'm giving a talk about the Chernobyl accident at the library in Kongsberg, being a guest on "Tidenes Morgen" (P13), going to a funeral (unfortunately), and of course trying to work hard on my research - time flies, and by the end of this year there is no more money coming my way from the University anymore... 
Plan for tomorrow: get up super early, get Alexandra to kindergarden, work on Tuesday's talk, go to funeral, more preparation of talk, get home, work out, sleep...
Hope you all have had a great weekend!
See you tomorrow 🙂

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