Hopp til innhold

Not a good night…

the experiment is behind this thick, blue door (just before the migraine)
I had such plans for last night! I had the evening shift at the cyclotron, and in addition to baby sit the experiment, I was planning to answer a lot of e-mails, prepare for my teaching today, work on my  gammas from fission results, and I had planned to make a long blogpost about Chernobyl.
Then I got a migraine, and could just barely be at the lab, and didn't get to do anything at all! Luckily the cyclotron was behaving, so it was an easy shift, and I could even get an hour sleep - the only thing that helps.
The annoying thing is that now, even though the pain is gone, I'm really exhausted - wish I could just stay here in bed and sleep for a couple of hours, but I'm teaching the nuclear physics students about thorium and nuclear energy in a couple of hours, and I din't at all get to prepare my teaching yesterday. Meaning I have to do it now. 
Well well, hoping I'll feel better very soon (*poof* away with exhaustion...!), and hope you all will have a productive and good day!
If all goes as planned, I guess my todo list look something like this:
  1. prepare teaching
  2. answer e-mails
  3. teach
  4. work with TALYS - where to go next...?
  5. make figures of gammas, gather them and send them to supervisor Jon
  6. (start preparing for PhD day???)
  7. work out (which I'm not particularly fond of, but I want my body to last for 70 more years, and then there's no getting around going to the gym)

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