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Why is the nuclear sweat from fission always the same?

Not a bad start to this week; I've "finished" my draft for Sunniva, sent it away to her, and planned for us to meet tomorrow. I've also caught up with the fission gamma analysis (it really is that way; if I'm away from some kind of analysis or something for more than two days, it's always a lot of work to get into it again - luckily I get better and better at writing good notes, and keep everything in a system, so I know what I did and how I thought, and therefore it's not so often anymore that I have to spend an entire day just trying to understand what I was thinking the last time I was working on that particular problem), and I actually think I'm ready to start producing the actual figures that will go into the article about these gamma rays that comes when a nucleus fissions 🙂 That will be my third article, which means that I really have enough for my entire PhD...:D And last but not least, my poster for PhD day came, and is now hanging at the Science Library. Omg. I must admit I think it looks kind of pretty (at least I think I'll win the competition for the most pink poster - but nuclear physics and pink goes well together, right? 😉 ).

The title for my poster is Why is the nuclear sweat from fission always the same?, and if you come to the poster session on Friday (11 AM at the Science Library) I'll be there and explain everything. Also, if you think I deserve it, you can vote for my poster as the "audience choice" - but then you'll have to be there 😉

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