Hopp til innhold

One small step…

...at a time...
Today is another day where I feel I've been highly ineffective, but is still not sure if that's true.
I have read four(?) articles (when I say "read" I don't really mean read, like picking up the article, starting at the first side, and read all six pages or whatever; but more like, pick up an article, scroll down to the place where it's written something about the stuff I'm working on right now, read that part and look at most of the tables), and looked at two PhD theses. I've discussed a paragraph in my article with Sunniva, about some part of my analysis, that I don't really understand (which is what I've tried to figure out by reading all these articles and theses), and I have actually come one step closer. The second last section of my article is now close(r) to finished.
So, the conclusion of todays work is that I did manage to clean up some of the analysis mess in my head (and also in my article :D), and that means that I walked one more step on that long road that leads towards my PhD. And no matter how small that step is, it still takes me one (tiny) step closer to the goal - meaning it's so worth it.
At least that's how I envisioned it today 😉
Wish you all a great weekend! We're actually going camping at Langøyene tomorrow. Alexandra's never slept in a tent before, so that will be interesting. I've heard it's supposed to be colder tomorrow, but I'm crossing my fingers the FANTASTIC weather will just stay the same!
Kisses <3

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