Hopp til innhold


My PhD life today.
mother and daughter, going swimming, no fighting
What I did do:

  • discussions with Cecilie (thank you so much for listening to all my silly questions - you're super patient and great!)
  • working on figures; implementing what Cecilie suggested (not yet done)
  • take Alexandra to her swimming lessons
  • laundry - my dress for Jørgen and Janne's wedding this weekend is now clean, same goes for Alexandra's outfit <3
  • fight with Alexandra

daughter after swimming, playing in Akerselven, before fighting
What I didn't do:
  • answer e-mails
  • prepare for my talk at Vestby VGS tomorrow (not entirely true, since a lot of my preparations for these kinds of talks happen in my head, and I can't really start or stop it, it just happens 🙂 )
  • make a detailed milestone plan for the rest of my PhD
It's really one of these days where I feel like almost didn't do anything, even though that's not entirely true...:/

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