Hopp til innhold

DONE. (relieved)

I haven’t had the best couple of days lately. I've been feeling horrible, and like I’m drowning in work, drowning in stupid figures (oh, those stupid figures, and thank goodness for Anders, who have spent too much time helping me analyse these data, and make good fits). I haven't slept well; I've been having strange dreams about how Anders is a graph, and I'm the area beneath it (I'm an integral for crying out loud!), and that I can't oversleep since I'm late with a deadline, and so on. Kind of stressful. 
That’s, of course, the reason why I’ve been quiet here, and I’ve hated that port too (there’ve been some tears, I promise). But today I finished several figures, and now there’s only one more left for this article, and this analysis. That makes me fu****g H.A.P.P.Y.
yup, this makes me happy 😛
what I'm working on tomorrow - I'm still hopeful <3 (when I' come to thing about it, I think the mass number here is 234, and not 233)

I can start the week (last week before summer holiday with Alexandra) tomorrow with a more optimistic view on everything; maybe I'll actually reach my goal, of finishing this article before the holidays.
Right now I'm working at Villa Paradiso with Vibeke (Mattedama, from House of Math); we've had a great session, with antipasto, a glass of wine, talk, laughter, and, of course, work - perfect Sunday work session! But I think it's time to head home very soon, so that I can get to bed, and get up early tomorrow, to start making that last (last, last, LAST!) figure for this article.
today's happy worklook

So, finally I feel a little bit like not a total looser – hopefully that feeling will last longer than until lunch tomorrow... 😉 Only one more figure to make!!!

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