Hopp til innhold

There'll be no summer holyday before…

There's no way I can go on vacation before I've finished this article. 
No. Way.
Therefore I'm quite focused these days, and luckily my big problems from Monday turned out to be not so big after all 🙂 Therefore I'm much happier than I was on Monday, even though I'm tired (we just got back home from work, and there's no reason we should be home earlier tomorrow). But long days is a good prize to pay for a real vacation where I can actually relax and focus 100% on Alexandra and Anders and having fun <3

Kind of crazy, though, that this screen makes me happier, (since there are obviously issues that need to be dealt with here) but that's actually the case:

(Doesn't my plots look like the drawing of the elephant inside the snake in The little Prince? We're reading this book to Alexandra these days, and she really likes it <3)

So I made a to do list:
- there are three figures that need to be made. Two of them will hopefully be finished by the end of tomorrow
- I need to get stuff into tables. I'm not sure how many, but there are at least three more tables than need attention
- finish the "what did I do to get these results"-part of the article, which is almost finished already
- write the "discuss the results and the uncertainties in the results"-part of the article, which is not almost finished
- write a sexy abstract
- find another title for the article than "The statistical nightmare: the nuclear level density and gamma ray strength function of uranium-234" (thanks to Vetle for this suggestion :P)

(since after that, Alexandra has no kintergarden anymore...)

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