Hopp til innhold

When you want to give up…

...this is one those days. One of those days where everything seem hopeless, and it feels like I just want to give up and cry.
I spent most of this day working on a plot, but the only thing I realised was that I have to go back and change another figure. AGAIN. For the one hundredth time - seriously. And after I've done that, I can start trying to understand the program that's suppose to make this other figure. One step forward and two steps back, in other words. 
my screen before I found out what I was doing was wrong

my screen when I found out...
It just feels like this is how it's been for too long now. I must admit I'm really starting to hate this article, and if the rest of this PhD will take as long as this article I will actually never finish. So I think the only thing I can do (except for giving up right here, right now) is to use brute force and finish it (that goddam article) this week.
I just came home now, and changed from my wet clothes into my new favourite at home outfit: this caftan from H&M <3 So even if I feel like shit, I feel cooler in this than in sweats, but the caftan is at least as comfortable 🙂
I'm ready to do this (I hope...), and Anders just promised me to be there all the way (again <3), and now he also just suggested we work together for two hours every day. I'm really lucky to have a partner like that!
Hope all of you are having a better Monday than I am...:P

11 kommentarer til “When you want to give up…

  1. Anonym

    My mother also wears caftans :D. Its nice to see that western women have picked up that habit as well.

    A great sign of a constantly more globalized world!

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