Hopp til innhold

Almost there…

This night I had another "nightmare" - simply that I hadn't done the last calculations that are supposed to be in the article, and I couldn't manage to do them, and therefore not make the last figure either. Pretty straight forward to understand what that dream was all about, I guess 😉
When I woke up this morning, it was also the case that I hadn't done all these things - but now I'm almost there! Today I fixed all the tables, and did the calculations. Since there are one and a half day left before Alexandra's done with kindergarden forever (OMG!), I think there's a quite good chance that I'll finish it all (not just the figures but entire article), like my goal is!!! I'll finish the figure before lunch tomorrow, and then I have the rest of Thursday and Friday on writing the rest of everything (this part takes longer than I want it to, though, since I think it's kind of hard to write scientifically). #Fingerscrossed
I'm soooo looking forward to at least two weeks of holiday with my favourite people now <3
Random selfie:
discovered this new crazy filter on Snapchat just now - instant heavy make up 😀
I'm in Sykepleien Forskning this month, btw. Got the magazine in the post today, and I'm so proud that they asked me to write a text for them, and it's really cool to be a "teaser" on the cover, and that my text about outreach (of science) is on the first page after all the "mandatory stuff" 🙂 

Now I'm going to get a quick shower, and then wait for Anders to come home (according to Find my Friends, he's still at the University, but he said he'll leave around now...). We'll probably watch one episode of Grey's Anatomy and then go to bed - we both have a lot to finish the next two days.

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