Hopp til innhold

Figures: check. Tables: check!

I guess the title really says it all, but to be very specific: 
I'm done with all the figures and all the tables for the article!
What remains (TODO list of tomorrow):
  • read the neptunium-article, and find out how the results were interpreted 
  • place sentence about uncertainties in the analysis where it should be (aka. figure out where, which is the hard part - moving it is not)
  • check and fix all table and figure captions
  • read through everything and check that I'm referring to the right number of the figures and tables in the text
  • work on the discussion part and the abstract
  • send an e-mail to Fabio and ask about something from his master's thesis
  • fix a "Draft_FINAL" and send off to both Sunniva and Jon
  • clean desk
  • holiday

Now I'll make a #workingyourassoff Thai soup, and after we've eaten it's time for Anders and me to go to bed - tomorrow is the last day before two weeks with Alexandra, who has her last day ever in kindergarden <3

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