Hopp til innhold

Not all done, and Alexandra's last day in kindergarden

Yesterday was Alexandra's last day (ever) in kindergarden... She started in August 2011, and now, more or less 5 years later, she's ready for new challenges. But it feels really strange, and a little sad - I'll be the first to admit. I think she's having mixed feelings too; one minute she's all about being a big girl and she can do everything and she takes responsibility, and she's really an angel - next minute she's winey and not cooperating at all, and says she isn't starting school after all, 'cause she's going back to kindergarden (all quite normal, I think 😉 ).
All in all I think we're ready (and excited) for school, and really looking forward to that next chapter in life, even though it's sad to leave such a great place as Universitetets barnehage, which really has been the BEST place these five years!
on her way to the first and the last day in kindergarden - notice she's wearing the same backpack (which will now be changed into a new one for first day in school <3 )
I must admit I didn't manage to get through my entire to do list yesterday that I was supposed to before the holiday could start. Some of it doesn't matter (I didn't get to clean my desk, and that's totally ok - the mess will be there when I get back in a couple of weeks), while other things do (I didn't finish my article so that I felt I could send it to my supervisors and Gry, who also promised to read it <3), and that means that even though today was the first day of vacation, I need to work just a little bit more (won't go to the university, though). Therefore, the plan for tomorrow is something like this:
- sleep until we wake up, coffee in bed
- breakfast together, all of us
- work intensely on the article for one hour - that may be just about enough (if not, maybe I'll work 1.5 hours, and if that isn't enough either, I'll do the rest after Alexandra's gone to bed, or something)
- do something nice from our summer holiday 2016 list 
Our plans for the next two weeks are for the most to stay in Oslo, and I'm thinking about writing a little bit about that tomorrow - but not before I've sent off my article. Then, when I press "send", it's holidays for real <3

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