Hopp til innhold

I'm not dead (and I haven't stopped blogging either!)

I just needed a real break - a vacation - and I got it <3
I've been completely "off" from everything (physics and e-mail and blogging) during July, and it's been wonderful! But now it's time to start again; this is the last semester on my PhD (*troublebreathing*), and Alexandra starts school - so there's a lot going on in the Rose family this fall. Yesterday was Alexandra's first day at AKS (Aktivitetsskolen, which is where she'll be after school, before we're back from work), and Anders and I had our first day back again at the University. 

It wasn't the most productive day, but I made a long list with to dos, and I tried something new; namely programming support via Snapchat 😀 Anders was of course my guy, and he got it right, so that I can plot experimental results and theory at the same time (it looks like theory and experiment more or less agrees, and that's COOL.)

had to start by showing him the code that wasn't working exactly like I wanted it to

and of course an output; with 9 correct numbers, and 1 that wasn't even supposed to be there

I didn't understand what Anders meant, so I just had to guess...this wasn't right 😛
but then 😀 (Anders: is it working now? Me: well, what did you think the "9! ding ding ding" meant??? ;))
When I was on my way to leave the office yesterday, I felt quite good; I patted my back, and thought I was a good PhD student. Then, on my way down the stairs in the Physics building, I realised that what I've spent all day on, Anders could've done in 10 minutes, and then I just felt really bad :/ Today has been better, but I think I realise that this semester will probably not be my best ever...
It will be hard.
That's life, and here I tell you the truth.
Just really looking forward to the day I can write the blogposts "The article is submitted to the journal", "Another article is submitted", "Almost done with my thesis writing", "DONE" - you know, something like these 😉
Then I'm going shopping! (Yes, all of these blogposts deserve shopping, and I know what to buy when the next article is submitted to the journal.)
Hope you all had, or are having, a great summer vacation! And I hope you'll follow my phd struggles blogging here this fall 😉

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