Hopp til innhold

Push me to push "send"…

Yesterday I did it!
I finished my "first" draft for all the co-authors, and I sent it.
I was sitting down at the cyclotron lab with Sunniva, and just went through her very last comments, and the she said You'll send it now, right? Before the weekend and everything. And I was more like Well, I'll send it on Monday, since that's better (for no reason what so ever). Luckily she made me realise there was nothing to wait for, and around three PM yesterday I sent it to the 18 co-authors.
Immediately after I sent the e-mail, I felt the most amazing rush through my body - I seriously got high 😀 I was (and am) so happy. Even though it's scary to send a paper like this, since now I'm dreading the comments, thinking all the co-authors probably think I'm stupid...:P
Still, now it's finally getting real, and in just a couple of weeks I can probably send this to the journal where we hope to publish it! My eternally optimistic supervisor (Sunniva, not Jon - he's more on the pessimistic side 😉 ) even thinks I'll be finished with the entire thesis by mid of October - we'll see about that, though...
Hope you're all having a great Saturday!
I'm soon going to the Univeristy, since I need to clean out of my old office, and then I'm going to attend a dinner with all of the new physics students. Best of all, though; tomorrow I'm getting my Anders back home from the US again <3

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