Hopp til innhold


105 days left before I have to finish the PhD:

-       up at 4:30 AM
-       travelled from Bruges to Brussels to the airport (LOTS of security there...)
-       thought quite a lot about neutrons (I’ve got some questions about these, and i’ll try to explain in more detail when I have more time 😉 )
-       just got to Oslo; to meet Anders, Alexandra, my sister, Andrea and Arian (niece and nephew), and my mother – we’ll have a real family weekend in Copenhagen (and on the boat – mostly on the boat, actually)

Most of the pictures I've taken this last week is of slides, which I really don't think you'd like to see 😉 But there are a couple onhes from outside the conference. Basically  they're from the trip down and the trip back, and when we eat.

I thought this was a little bit funny; isn't breakfast sort of by definition in the morning..? 😛

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