Hopp til innhold

I made nothing new

So here´s a close up of the last, pretty graph I showed you on monday - you can see the details of the little bump that turned out not to be Uranium 😀

Btw: I´m back at Bodø airport again (forth time this week) - this time waiting for my flight back to Oslo <3. Today I´ve given four (!) talks, at two different schools in Lofoten (it was rainy and dark, but I´m in NO doubt I really have to come back to this AMAZING nature - but that will be in the spring/summer time ;)), and I feel quite exhausted; but I´m sure that after a good nights sleep in my own bed I´ll be ready for Trondheim tomorrow - and by tomorrow afternoon I think I´ll be really ready for a weekend with Alexandra (and family and friends <3<3<3).

Just hope I´ve inspired some of the students I´ve met to go for a career in science...maybe I´ll even meet some of them again at the Institute of Physics in Oslo - that would be so cool 😀
stuff to read

after 13 hours on 13 cm high heels, a bath was EXACTLY what I needed


honesty at Narvik airport <3

<3 widerøe <3


wine + fireplace + work = not too shabby 😉

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