Hopp til innhold

And then I went to the airport…

...again 😉

Airport blogging is really my thing these days. I just came back to Bodø from Narvik, and in 40 minutes I´m leaving again for Svolvær.
My throat is a little sore, so I´m really trying my best not to talk - which is a really, really difficult thing for me to do 😛 Anyway, It´s ok, but tomorrow will be the toughest day: We´ll be visiting two schools, and I´ll be giving two talks at each school... I´m quite excited, though, since the two talks today were good - at least that´s how I feel (my truth, and I´m sticking to it 😉 ) - so I´m hoping/thinking tomorrow will be the same, or even better!
Ok, now I have to run, cause the screen says "Go to gate" (Already? I´m not even close to finished eating my salad :/)!

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