Hopp til innhold

Beer and bowling

I didn´t manage to ”tick off” all of my to do´s yesterday, so I´ve started this day with the rest of my list. The worst is that I didn´t spend as much time as I had planned to, working on my thesis (outline) – I admit it; I think it´s hard… (it is, very slowly growing, though)

So, even though I was at my office ten minutes past nine, and spent 11 hours at the university, it still wasn´t enough (either I´m not good enough at planning, or I´m not good enough at focusing – or maybe it´s a mixture of both?). Anyway, at seven, I couldn´t work any longer, so I left the office and went bowling with Anders instead.
So much fun!
The last time I did it was like more than ten years ago, but bowling and drinking  a couple of beers was a very good idea, and something I will do again in not so long (at least before ten years again :P)

Anders is obviously better than I am (or, at least he´s better than "Sunniv") 😉

Now I´m ready to get the rest of my list ticked off, and then spend the  rest of the day at the office (that ends at four today, since Alexandra week starts today) with  my theeeeeeesis.

Focus <3

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