Hopp til innhold

Dead tired

Good morning everyone!

Guessing a lot of you are still asleep...;) I´m not, though - I´ve been at Gardermoen airport for about 45 minutes already. Going to Ålesund to talk about physics and science and stuff for NITO, and then back again to night. I´ll be landing at 9:25 to night; so it´s really close to the epic date and time march 14, 2015 - 9:26:53 (3.141592653)... Yes, happy Pi Day to all!
Found this video thing of Alexandra and cousin Andrea playing and dancing just before christmas - aren´t they adorable? At least to me they are <3

3 kommentarer til “Dead tired

  1. Tom Rian

    Thank you for your excellent presentation today! Enjoy the rest of your stay in Norways most beautiful city.

    Best wishes on your PhD!

    Tom Rian
    Elected chairman - Møre og Romsdal division
    NITO - The Norwegian Society of Engineers and Technologists

  2. Anonym

    Du inspirerte en hel sal med ditt foredrag for NITO i dag - tusen takk! Håper du lander trygt og lykke til fremover med alt du har på planen 🙂

    Linn Lervik Haugsmoen


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