Hopp til innhold

I love my job

Happy happy Monday everybody <3
Last week (weekend included) was quite exhausting, with five different talks, one trip to Bergen, one trip to Ålesund, Lise´s thesis defence and so on… I had to do something i really HATE – I had to cancel a meeting I was supposed to go to on Friday, but I just really needed to spend my time on preparing for my talk Friday afternoon (at Ekerberg, with a beautiful view of beautiful Oslo, bathed in sunlight).
There was no real weekend this weekend (work work work, talk talk talk), and on Friday my neck and upper back stiffened (not the worst I´ve experienced, but still quite painful) - BUT...to the title of this blogpost:

Yes, periods like this is exhausting. But it is also extremely exciting! I was sitting at a café in Ålesund after I had finished my talk for NITO on Saturday (which seemed to have gone really well – they seemed happy and excited J ), preparing for the Ludvigsen committee meeting today and tomorrow, and I was drinking a glas of wine (since it, after all, was Saturday) – that´s when I realised I had been up since 4:20 AM, and also that I was actually working, but I was really happy, I was doing my job, sitting at a café in beautiful Ålesund, drinking wine! I´m so grateful to be in a position where I can call days and periods like these for my job! (I´ve worked for it, so I must admit that I think I´ve earned it, but I´m still grateful).

Anyway, I just had to tell you: I Love My Job <3

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