Hopp til innhold

Barcelona and solar eclipse

Hello from Barcelona <3

I'm here for the weekend with Anders - just him, me, some quantum physics mandatory assignments (Anders is teaching) and my Big Bang manuscripts. Mostly play, but there'll always be some work too - that's just how we like it 🙂
Barcelona is warm and and beautiful; there is wine, tapas, and basically everything you (or at least we) could wish for...except the solar eclipse. We "should have" gone to Svalbard and Longyearbyen this weekend, of course. Except I would have frozen to death. So even though it would have been great to see the solar eclipse, I´m actually choosing warm weather, palms, no snow, Cava (bubbles bubbles bubbles <3), and Spanish cheese over freezing cold, snow, and solar eclipse any day 😉

guess it was "wrong" to eat and drink at an italian bar last night - but it was the first place we saw that was open (we were out too early for dinner, really) and looked nice, and Anders wanted pizza, so we went for it...we DON´T REGRET it, and will most likely go back again before we leave Barcelona on Sunday!

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