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Lazy Sunday, crazy week

This week will be crazy - at least the three first days... Tomorrow and Tuesday will be the last two days with meetings with the Ludvigsen committee - after Tuesday, everything is supposed to be more or less ready for the Minister *feeling pressure*. Then, on Wednesday I will give a talk at the Women in Tech conference in Oslo (program HERE). The talk is not (a 100%) finished yet, and naturally I'm feeling pressure here too. My talk is called "Hva har kjernefysikk og rosablogging til felles?" (what are the similarities of nuclear physics and girly blogging), but I think I will have the subtitle from my talk at Le Rossey in November; "why science should be more pink" - I'm really excited and a little bit scared, but I think (hopefully) it will be ok 😉
Thursday and Friday have to be 100% dedicated to SCIENCE; I'm so close to knowing what the gamma energies of my ALFNA matrix are now. You know that feeling when you've been working on a big puzzle, and suddenly you only have 30 pieces left? That's about how I'm feeling right know, and in a way I wish I could be at the office, working on those last 30 pieces tomorrow... However, that's life, and I think Thursday and Friday will be some very productive days <3
We have spent a fantastic day at Sognsvann today - with Anders, Joakim, Lise, Alexandra, and me; here are some snaps from a great day! (Yes, you're right; this is how I look without any makeup on...I feel naked 😛 )

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