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Monday – T-205

So it's Monday, and this week didn't start off all that bad (except Alexandra was screeming for dad and telling me she can't decide anything and besides she hates me...#thejoysofbeingtheparentofasixyearold:/):
I went directly to the library after I left (the screeming) Alexandra in kindergarden: There I spent half the day on continuing to try to understand everything the data sorting program (hint: I still don't, but I'm getting baby steps closer) does, and then the other half of the day on my paper - got through the comments from Jon, and continued on writing about the "gamma ray strength function". I didn't get far, but at least it went forward instead of backwards. Also I planned a Skype meeting with Jon on Thursday (good, then you have to work focused this week, Sunniva ;)).
All of the sudden it was half past four, and time to get Alexandra.

Now I've finally sat down, waiting for some chili to get heated, and writing this little update for you. I'm also working on a blogpost about hairdos - some "working your ass off hairdos", actually 😉

this was A just before she got mad and told me she hated me (for the second time today) - I'm very happy that Anders got home just before she was going to bed, and by some sort of magic managed to get everything great again <3
PS: I'm sorry there were no Friday Facts last Friday - I'm just trying to focus a lot on my PhD these days, and since we were celebrating Alexandra's birthday on saturday, there wasn't any time left for blogging...or I would've had to steal time from my PhD time, and right now that's normally not an option...<3

PPS: It's 205 days left until my goal of handing in my thesis. H.E.L.P.

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